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SB 130: Scholarships Children With Autism Pilot

Student and Youth Rights
Bill Number: SB 130
Year: 2009
ACLU Position: Active Oppose
Sponsors: Sen. Spence


Creates the Colorado scholarships for children with autism pilot program in the department of education. Allows a parent of a child with autism or autism spectrum disorder (eligible child) who is currently enrolled in a public school to apply for a scholarship from the program which may be applied toward tuition at an eligible participating private school. Clarifies that an eligible child's participation in the program waives his or her right to a free appropriate public education under federal law. Clarifies that no state, district, or administrative unit liability arises based on the award or use of a scholarship. Directs the department to annually withhold from the state equalization payments to each respective school district an amount equal to the sum of scholarships to be awarded pursuant to the program.

Read the bill here. 

Current Status:

04/30/2009 Postpone Indefinitely in House Education Committee

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